Towns and Cities with the highest number of grad school graduates in Illinois

City, State number of grad school graduates
Chicago, Illinois 347732
Naperville, Illinois 39718
Evanston, Illinois 27112
Aurora, Illinois 22164
Champaign, Illinois 19939
Oak Park, Illinois 17949
Arlington Heights, Illinois 15170
Springfield, Illinois 14647
Peoria, Illinois 14260
Urbana, Illinois 13695
Wheaton, Illinois 13382
Glenview, Illinois 12469
Palatine, Illinois 12408
Skokie, Illinois 12049
Rockford, Illinois 11465
Bloomington, Illinois 10725
Schaumburg, Illinois 10540
Buffalo Grove, Illinois 10125
Downers Grove, Illinois 9327
Joliet, Illinois 9288

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Sources of information: Census, FBI Crime Statistics, NOAA
Disclaimer: The information presented here are for the general population, assume the same rate of crime in the future, and an evenly distributed amount of crime throughout the city in question. They are not meant to accurately predict whether one person in particular will be a victim of crime. Percentages are based on the population of the city/town in question, except for burglaries, which are based on the number of households.