Towns and Cities with the highest median income in Washington

City, State median income
Sammamish, Washington 134616
Redmond, Washington 88194
Kirkland, Washington 84955
Bellevue, Washington 81912
South Hill, Washington 74323
Shoreline, Washington 67076
Richland, Washington 65502
Marysville, Washington 64399
Renton, Washington 61592
Seattle, Washington 60665
Lacey, Washington 57304
Federal Way, Washington 56509
Auburn, Washington 54613
Kent, Washington 53711
Olympia, Washington 49461
Vancouver, Washington 48875
Kennewick, Washington 48512
Tacoma, Washington 47862
Everett, Washington 47552
Spokane Valley, Washington 45819

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Sources of information: Census, FBI Crime Statistics, NOAA
Disclaimer: The information presented here are for the general population, assume the same rate of crime in the future, and an evenly distributed amount of crime throughout the city in question. They are not meant to accurately predict whether one person in particular will be a victim of crime. Percentages are based on the population of the city/town in question, except for burglaries, which are based on the number of households.