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Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Hilo, Hawaii? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Hilo?
Emily Walburger reports in this review:
WeatherHow much crime?What are the neighborhoods like?What are the people like?
Hilo's tropical rainforest climate is a magnetic attraction for people from all over the world. Summertime temperatures average in the mid 70's and 80's. The region receives a good deal of rain, from misty drippy rain to torrential downpours. Over 2/3 of the year, there's rain on any given day, though it sometimes lasts mere minutes before drying up. Winters in Hilo are extremely mild and comfortable, with temps in the low 70's. There is a risk here of tsunamis and hurricanes, but they are uncommon.Crime is present in Hilo, but not on a worrisome scale. Burglaries and break-ins are reported commonly. Theft, involving individuals as well as retail facilities, is also reported. Violent crime is less prevalent, but is infrequently noted, due to a population of low-income and also poorly educated folks.The best parts of Hilo are in the area of North Kohala. This coveted area features large, beautiful homes overlooking the valley, as well as black sand beaches with miles of coastline. Waimea and Hawi are unique parts of this area that boast fine dining, adorable boutique shopping and numerous historical attractions. One would be hard pressed to find a "bad" part of Hilo. However, one could perhaps say that area directly bordering state parks and facilities receive an over-abundance of tourists, who bring with them noise and garbage pollution.The people of Hilo are a wonderfully diverse population. Its an area where Pacific and Native Islanders as well as Asians outnumber Whites. There are also small Hispanic and American Indian populations. The people are proud of their heritage and incorporate it into their daily lives and routines. Though most are undeniably friendly, there are definitely those with a superior air, a "you are a tourist and don't belong here so please get off our island" type of attitude which some locals show.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
The downtown area of Hilo is a charming and historical spot with lush gardens and walkways. There's plenty of shopping and it's an excellent place to spend the day.The Seaside Restaurant and Cafe offers a variety of fresh seafood entrees. The Puka Puka Kitchen is a popular spot for great sandwiches and burgers.Public schools in Hilo are high performing, at or above the US public school average.There are a variety of singles-oriented activities in Hilo, as well as an active night life.
Noisetown comparison vs.Best hospitalTourist attractions
The majority of the noise pollution in Hilo comes from overhead airplanes traveling to Hilo Airport, and also Kona Airport on the other side of the island.Hilo could be considered better to live in than Kona due to the fact that Hilo has a lower population as well as a lower cost of living. The streets are less crowded and cleaner.
Hilo could also be considered a better place to live than Kurtistown, which doesn't have the boutique shops and trendy downtown area that Hilo boasts.
Hilo Medical Center provides inpatient, acute, critical care, and emergency care services, with talented and caring staff.There are countless beaches and hot spots in Hilo. Rainbow Falls is a state park with exquisite waterfalls and natural hot springs. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens, The Pacific Tsunami Museum, and Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation all attract tourists.
General comments   
The overall feel of Hilo is equal parts enchantment and intoxication. This place overwhelms you with magical atmosphere and scenery. The lush canopy of exotic vegetation overhead, the soft white sands beneath your feet. As you fall asleep at night, the last thing you'll hear is the chorus of Koki frogs, a tiny tree frog whose chirp sounds very nearly like a tiny bird. This town feels like a refuge from the world, a vacation spot you could easily turn into your home.   
Hilo, Hawaii population: 43263

How many black people live in Hilo? How many white people?
Number of White People7617Percentage of White people17.6%
Number of Black People653Percentage of Black people1.5%
Number of Hispanic People3690Percentage of Hispanic people8.5%
Number of Asian People43007Percentage of Asian people99.4%
Number of American Indian People1454Percentage of American Indian people3.4%

Note: Numbers may add up to >100% because some people are more than one race.

Hilo, Hawaii

Percent college grads: 29.9%
Percent grad school grads: 9.9%
Unemployment rate: 8.8
Median house value: 320700
Median income: 52268

How many singles in Hilo?

Single men ages 20-34Single women ages 20-34Ratio of single men to women age
414833931.22men for each woman
Single men ages 35-44Single women ages 35-44Ratio of single men to women age
11289731.16men for each woman
Single men ages 45-54Single women ages 45-54Ratio of single men to women age
129214280.91men for each woman

Weather History for Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii Basic Temperatue and Weather (30 year averages)
MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year00000001602060
How many days and how much precipitation and snow for Hilo, Hawaii?

Number of days of rain
(.1 inch or greater)
total rainfallNumber of days of snow
(.5 inch or greater)
Total snowfall
Average year18812600
Realistic temperatures, taking into account precipitation, amount of sunlight during the day, winds during the day, and humidity during hot days.

MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year000000102165980

How many hot humid days a year does Hilo, Hawaii have?
How many cloudy days a year does Hilo, Hawaii have?
How many sunny days a year does Hilo, Hawaii have? How sunny is it?
How many windy days a year does Hilo, Hawaii have? How windy is it?
See below for the answers!
MonthNumber of hot, humid daysNumber of very windy daysNumber of windy daysNumber of somewhat windy daysNumber of calm daysNumber of clear daysNumber of moderately cloudly daysNumber of somewhat cloudy daysNumber of very cloudy days
Average year19401834347644119118

(Note: Humidity, wind, and cloudcover information is based on (a) 30 year averages and in many cases (b) a large nearby weather station. If you're in an area with a lot of "micro climates" actual conditions may vary.)

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