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Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Memphis, Tennessee? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Memphis?
Faith reports in this review:
WeatherHow much crime?What are the neighborhoods like?What are the people like?
In Memphis the weather is pretty cold in the winter, but not TOO cold and pretty warm in the summer with a lot of humidity. I love the weather there.Tornadoes happen there, but not too often.
There is a rather higher crime rate here then in a lot of other places. I personally have never been a victim of crime, but I hear about it a lot. It's mostly theft and fighting or assaults. The more 'in' the city you are, the more you hear about it or have the chance of being caught up in a crime happening.Benjestown, Giles Town, Covington Pike, Bolen Huse Rd, Fisherville, Eads, E Shelby Dr, Forest Hill Irene Rd, Pisgah Heights and West Junction I believe are the best areas in Memphis. The homes are nicer then in the city, and the crime is a LOT lower. The majority of people who live here are a mix of black and whites, I don't think one area is much different then the others when it comes to race.

Thomas St, Millington Rd, Chelsea Ave, Warford St, Winchester Rd, Airways Blvd, Elvis Presley Blvd and Dolan Dr, I'd just stay away from those area's if you've never been to Memphis. The crime rate soars in those places!
The ethnic race here is mainly black & white. A lot of people visit Memphis, so a lot of people are pretty happy to be there, either visiting, or living because of its historical mark on the map for music and there is always plenty to do!

Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
Downtown Memphis is a blast. Especially if you appreciate the heritage of this old town. If you visit, you should go to the Beale Street Entertainment District. That place alone will keep you busy for days!

I would have to say some of the best restaurants in my opinion are Hog and Hominy, even though I can't stand hominy, they serve a lot of other stuff, but it's real southern food. I love it. Then there is Sweet Grass, and Folks Folly Prime Steak House, and Cafe Society. All good places and highly recommended if you want to go visit.
I could be way off here, but I think the schools could be a lot better then they are! I know I am not the only adult that thinks this, in fact, many many parents think the schools are horrible here.Yes, there are opportunities for singles because Memphis is not a small place, and there are a lot of people who not only live there, but there are a lot of chances to meet that special someone when the weather warms up and all the tourists from other states come to hang out and visit.
Noisetown comparison vs.Best hospitalTourist attractions
It isn't usually quiet all the time, especially if your right in the city and its a weekend. The further out of the city, the quieter.Cordova, Germantown, Marion, Millington, and West Memphis are all pretty popular areas around Memphis, and have a lot of different things people can do if they live close by, or want to visit Memphis or its surrounding little towns. In all of them, you will find a mixture of music events, food, or historical land marks.
I would have to say the Methodist Hospitals of Memphis are the very best.
The Beale Street Entertainment District, and W.C. Handy Park. These places alone are the best, and will keep you entertained for days with music of all kinds, amazing foods, shops, it is a blast especially in the summer time.
General comments   
Personally, I love it here. I love the weather in all seasons, and when it comes to music, it has always been a part of my life and passion so I appreciate this place. It's not a small place, unless you go on the outside parts of Memphis, then it gets a little mellower and people, even more friendly.
Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Memphis, Tennessee? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Memphis?
Silas Brunk reports in this review:
WeatherHow much crime?What are the neighborhoods like?What are the people like?
Overall Memphis has a good climate, just right in the summer and not too cold in the winter.This is the most dangerous city I have ever visited in my entire entire life. I got lost and ended up on the wrong side of town. Well more less every side of town in this city is the wrong side of town (except the downtown). my car got stopped by three thugs who demanded I give them 100 dollars. Luckily i drove away without incident and got back on the main road.I don't think there is any good part of town in this city. The entire city is crime ridden and dangerous. Memphis in run down and smells like a septic tank. The hoese are in need of repair and the city has high unemployment.After being near robed and car jacked I had no intention on staying in this city any longer then I had to. My experience I did not find the people nice, but instead I found them to be hostile.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
Run down, closed and abandon strip malls.None, better to pack and lunch and keep driving until you reach Nashville.I seen only one public school that looked third world. The school buses were 1970s models and building must have been at least 100 years old and falling apart.I wouldn't recommend venturing out anywhere in this city on a Friday night in search of a date without bring along a bottle of mace.
Noisetown comparison vs.Best hospitalTourist attractions
Gunshot sounds, blazing music coming from residential homes and squealing of tires as robbers run off in their get away car.Nashville and Knoxville are much better, they are cleaner and more educated. Memphis is the literal armpit of Tennessee.A private first aid kid packed in ones own car would be the best medical advise.The farmland on the outskirts of the city were pleasant and a breath of fresh air.
General comments   
I felt like I was driving through a war zone. I did not have a good impression of this city in any way. The infrastructure is in decay. The city itself has a rotten smell in the air. The vibe of the city is depressing and negative.   
Memphis, Tennessee population: 646889

How many black people live in Memphis? How many white people?
Number of White People190120Percentage of White people29.4%
Number of Black People414928Percentage of Black people64.1%
Number of Hispanic People44243Percentage of Hispanic people6.8%
Number of Asian People12822Percentage of Asian people2%
Number of American Indian People3991Percentage of American Indian people0.6%

Note: Numbers may add up to >100% because some people are more than one race.

Memphis, Tennessee

Percent college grads: 22.5%
Percent grad school grads: 8.6%
Unemployment rate: 12.5
Median house value: 98300
Median income: 36473

How many singles in Memphis?

Single men ages 20-34Single women ages 20-34Ratio of single men to women age
57688587630.98men for each woman
Single men ages 35-44Single women ages 35-44Ratio of single men to women age
23670273240.87men for each woman
Single men ages 45-54Single women ages 45-54Ratio of single men to women age
23477283830.83men for each woman

Crimes in Memphis, Tennessee
CrimesAbsolute numbersAverage percentage chance of being a victim in
by typeof crimesOne YearFive Years
Aggr. Assault66371%5%
Auto Theft39301%3%

Weather History for Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee Basic Temperatue and Weather (30 year averages)
MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year0000506254688151
Realistic temperatures, taking into account precipitation, amount of sunlight during the day, winds during the day, and humidity during hot days.

MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year00044643736454891

How many hot humid days a year does Memphis, Tennessee have?
How many cloudy days a year does Memphis, Tennessee have?
How many sunny days a year does Memphis, Tennessee have? How sunny is it?
How many windy days a year does Memphis, Tennessee have? How windy is it?
See below for the answers!
MonthNumber of hot, humid daysNumber of very windy daysNumber of windy daysNumber of somewhat windy daysNumber of calm daysNumber of clear daysNumber of moderately cloudly daysNumber of somewhat cloudy daysNumber of very cloudy days
Average year1406915313581144778120

(Note: Humidity, wind, and cloudcover information is based on (a) 30 year averages and in many cases (b) a large nearby weather station. If you're in an area with a lot of "micro climates" actual conditions may vary.)

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