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Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Minot, North Dakota? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Minot?
Shelby Rose reports in this review:
WeatherHow much crime?What are the neighborhoods like?What are the people like?
Minot has extreme weather in both the cold and warm months. Winter lows of -60 F and summer highs of 110. Minot is located in the valley, so the wind isn't bad. It gets rough the further north you get.
A few tornado warnings during the summer, visible funnel clouds but they rarely touch ground.
Also the floodwaters from Canad, MT, and ND in 1969 & 2011 caused millions in damages to our city. 20000 recents misplaced, 1/3 of the town under water. No deaths, everyone and their possessions were evacuated beforehand. Both years. Also- the dikes have since been built up by local companies and the National Guard.
The crime rate has gone through the roof. Along with the fast paced population growth, the crime rate follows. Abductions, homicides, rape, assault and battery, fights, flashing and shooting weapons in city limits without a permit, theft, break-ins, I can go on and on... the worst? The 3-1-6 gang came through during the flood rebuild. Their MO is to commit 13 acts oh horrible crime and torture in a city that is in disrepair and chaos. And they did. Murders, abductions, random acts of violence. 13 and then they were gone. This is what Minot has turned into.
Keep your doors locked. House and cars. Invest in a security system. Seriously. Especially if you have a family or other loved ones. Minot is NOT a safe place anymore. The oil boom ensured that. And with 30+ years worth of oil drilling work! this isn't going to change any time soon.
Downtown ONLY DURING THE DAY is the best part of town to be besides Dakota Square Mall. There's cute littles shops, diners, sandwich shops, bars, antique stores, churches, museums, and fine dining places. It's especially wonderful during the winter when the City put up the tree and lights all over downtown with Xmas carols playing on the streets till 9pm. Definitely a place to check out!
The worst? Stay out of the trailer parks. All of them. That we're you find your meth addicts, alcoholic, homeless, and just plain dirty people. Not dissing on the few normal people that live in our trailer parks, but with all the bad blood around it's not something I'd ever chance. If you can't afford anything but a trailer- go to the State bldg and ask for paperwork to begin a housing allowance. The '11Flood Relief Fund brought North Dakota residents a few great programs. Utilize this. It's NOT welfare.
You need to take care when making generalized statements about North Dakota.
The locals, most, are wonderful, polite, caring, and generous. Anyone will tell you. North Dakotans are know for their hardworking, honest, and positive attitude. And hell, it's true! You gotta have passion to live in a state life this your entire life. A place where you have to make your own fun and figure things out without help being right around the corner. A friendly intelligent people.
In 2011, President Obama in all his glory decided to give convicted convicts a second chance and a job to come to ND and help out with the Flood Relief. Worst thing that could have ever happened to us. This is when the crime began to really spike.
Then, with the Bakken Oil Boom bring in anyone and everyone, far and wide, the promise of a huge check a long as they can work a shovel. This is what locked in the change.
Now our jails are so over-crowded we can't take anymore inmates. We send them to rural police holdings and jails which are now also full.
I am happy to announce a new court house/larger jail is currently being built right next to the original.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
Lovely, peaceful, cute and vintage. BUT ONLY DURING THE DAY. You do not want to be downtown alone after dark.10 N Main owned by Josh Duhamel- the finest dining in Minot. The location in the name. Amazing bldg and atmosphere. I know the chefs and management personally- they are all more than qualified and handle that kitchen like true culinary professionals. Otherwise try The Bistro downtown next to the Coin Shoppe. One of the best places to grab a sandwich and a beer for lunch. Enjoy outdoor seating.Schools are wonderful- ND ranked pretty high on the nation test scores. All the physical, intellectual, artistic, and future-shaping opportunities you can imagine. Many in the for of school clubs or extra curricular activities.
Minot State University is wonderful. Check out their website and college campus.
Plenty. Minot has a singles web site and just about every one else is listed on Otherwise there are dating pools, groups, facebook pages ect devoted to helping people meet new people. Join a group. Go to a park. A bookstore. A coffee shop. Talk to someone.
Noisetown comparison vs.Best hospitalTourist attractions
The only extra noise we have is the city-wide outdoor warning system. Keep in mind- we are 15mi from a large air base which houses the worlds largest military plane. Quite a bit of air traffic but it's barely noticeable.Minot vs Williston; no contest- Minot. Williston is an oil rigger town, my advice is to stay as far away as possible.
Minot vs. Bismarck; Bismarck takes the gold on the one.
Many more activity choices, eateries, people, points of interest, and lodging options. Two universities, two junior colleges, and Bismarck Public School system
Trinity hospital. Ask any one of the locals- all of us have had at least one famille member die unexpectedly under their watch. This hospital caters to the college and gives nursing students first hand experience. Beware this hospital is whatever you are suffering from is life-threatening. Your chances aren't so great...The Scandinavian Heritage Center hands down. (Summer months) plenty of this to see and learn. Complete with a walk bridge, waterfall, Giant Dala Horse, the Staav Church and it's intricate architecture. You can even go inside and request a tour guide, free of charge, to take you through and educate you on the Scandinavian way of life. Perfect for families and kids. Festival in the Park through the summer months.
General comments   
This city feels busy to me.
It's a good size, lots to do but with a relaxed home area. Don't forget to lock your doors and secure anything you own that's movable, but sleep well because chances are- the neighbor has nicer stuff than you and his grub was left on the lawn so the robber will head there instead.
There are parks all over running rampant with kids and families. Minot has a pretty lax atmosphere, friendly place in general.
Minot, North Dakota population: 40888

How many black people live in Minot? How many white people?
Number of White People36863Percentage of White people90.2%
Number of Black People1319Percentage of Black people3.2%
Number of Hispanic People1146Percentage of Hispanic people2.8%
Number of Asian People672Percentage of Asian people1.7%
Number of American Indian People1823Percentage of American Indian people4.5%

Note: Numbers may add up to >100% because some people are more than one race.

Minot, North Dakota

Percent college grads: 27.5%
Percent grad school grads: 6.7%
Unemployment rate: 3.1
Median house value: 118600
Median income: 44452

How many singles in Minot?

Single men ages 20-34Single women ages 20-34Ratio of single men to women age
353426771.32men for each woman
Single men ages 35-44Single women ages 35-44Ratio of single men to women age
7795681.37men for each woman
Single men ages 45-54Single women ages 45-54Ratio of single men to women age
63010740.59men for each woman

Crimes in Minot, North Dakota
CrimesAbsolute numbersAverage percentage chance of being a victim in
by typeof crimesOne YearFive Years
Aggr. Assault740%1%
Auto Theft470%1%

Weather History for Minot, North Dakota

Minot, North Dakota Basic Temperatue and Weather (30 year averages)
MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year00953732385463470
How many days and how much precipitation and snow for Minot, North Dakota?

Number of days of rain
(.1 inch or greater)
total rainfallNumber of days of snow
(.5 inch or greater)
Total snowfall
Average year39171946
Realistic temperatures, taking into account precipitation, amount of sunlight during the day, winds during the day, and humidity during hot days.

MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year010536413482354820

How many hot humid days a year does Minot, North Dakota have?
How many cloudy days a year does Minot, North Dakota have?
How many sunny days a year does Minot, North Dakota have? How sunny is it?
How many windy days a year does Minot, North Dakota have? How windy is it?
See below for the answers!
MonthNumber of hot, humid daysNumber of very windy daysNumber of windy daysNumber of somewhat windy daysNumber of calm daysNumber of clear daysNumber of moderately cloudly daysNumber of somewhat cloudy daysNumber of very cloudy days
Average year0214151001622354124

(Note: Humidity, wind, and cloudcover information is based on (a) 30 year averages and in many cases (b) a large nearby weather station. If you're in an area with a lot of "micro climates" actual conditions may vary.)

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