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Dont expect to pass by on Tuscon if you want to experience a cold winter. This area is hot year around. You can't go a day during the summer without running the risk of heat stroke. During the summer's the area is hot and dry. During the winter's you can see that the temperatures don't get as cold as other western area's. You can winters to also be dry as well as participation doesn't normally occur except during early winter. Excessive heat is the biggest fear in the area, as many people pass because of broken AC units.Tuscon can be a rough area to live in. Certain parts are home to a lot of Latin based gangs (Kings, Sixers, and MS13's). Because of the high influx of individuals with these backgrounds, you can expect the high yield of individuals who commit crime. Murders do happen here and you hear of a lot of innocent people getting caught up in the mix of gang violence. Most of the victims of this kind of violence are the individuals involved in gang activity. Theft is big here and during the summers, a lot of people steal water. It's funny to think about, however people go on property and do steal water to keep cool or for whatever reasons.Living closer to the national parks and the outskirts of tourist attractions are where you're going to find your safest places to live in. Living off places like the Verde can help you live well and safe. Houses in this area are normally two-story modern styled homes that house white Americans. Living south of Tuscon or off Stone Avenue/Layland can be a high risk. A lot of crime occurs here and people complain of the auto thefts. Houses here are average and are traditional styled. A lot of your Hispanic and African american population live here.Tuscon is a high developed area that houses some of Arizona's brightest individuals. I would definitely recommend Tuscon to a person that is young and educated looking to make a breakthrough in the professional world. However I will say that the high rate of crime can affect your decision making in going here. Tuscon is also an area for hippies. You can see it when you visit the University area. From there you can see the amount of people who smoke marijuana and do other "laid-back drugs". If you're not ready to be around this environment, then maybe Tuscon is not for you.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
Downtown is one of the good things Tuscon has going for itself. The area is usually cool with lot's of fans and air conditioning, accompanied by a lot of park fountains. The area also has great shopping opportunities.Brush Fire BBQ is the best joint to get BBQ that matches anywhere near the quality of some in the South and Texas. This place is great and reminds me a little bit of NC BBQ.Schools are good, and have great spanish and ESL programs.High opportunity for singles as people meet and greet all the time at bars in the area and downtown.
Noisetown comparison vs.Best hospitalTourist attractions
National Airport, does cause a lot of noise.Drexel Heights and Morana are the two closest towns to Tuscon. These area's are your least interesting areas surround the inner city. Drexel Heights is a small rural suburb that is closer to the mountains and national parks. Morana is to the north of Tuscon and is a much more drier area. The people here are native and take much pride in their land. The cost of living is high in both areas and I wouldn't expect you to live in either. Drexel Heights is the better of the two because of the proximity to the bigger city and civilization.St.Mary's hospital is the closest. I heard it's good.Tuscon has some of the best golf resorts and plays in the state. If you're into that that's something you should check out for sure. Also if you have the free time check out the wildlife preserves that house animals and some of the best sights out there to see. Downtown is also great to visit and great place to take a date and visit the park.
General comments   
Tuscon is HOT, HOT, HOT. I feel very uncomfortable whenever I set foot here just from the heat. I do see a lot of cool things to do here, and I see the area as very active. A lot of people around these parts are always doing something, and that's a cool thing to see. The place is very tech savvy as well which I really do thoroughly enjoy. I don't expect anything less of Tuscon, I just hope they can better secure the city from crime.   
Tucson, Arizona population: 520116

How many black people live in Tucson? How many white people?
Number of White People362649Percentage of White people69.7%
Number of Black People32361Percentage of Black people6.2%
Number of Hispanic People219488Percentage of Hispanic people42.1%
Number of Asian People22528Percentage of Asian people4.3%
Number of American Indian People19903Percentage of American Indian people3.8%

Note: Numbers may add up to >100% because some people are more than one race.

Tucson, Arizona

Percent college grads: 25.1%
Percent grad school grads: 9.9%
Unemployment rate: 8.6
Median house value: 171200
Median income: 37025

How many singles in Tucson?

Single men ages 20-34Single women ages 20-34Ratio of single men to women age
49742425151.17men for each woman
Single men ages 35-44Single women ages 35-44Ratio of single men to women age
15979141511.13men for each woman
Single men ages 45-54Single women ages 45-54Ratio of single men to women age
15346169580.9men for each woman

Crimes in Tucson, Arizona
CrimesAbsolute numbersAverage percentage chance of being a victim in
by typeof crimesOne YearFive Years
Aggr. Assault20340%2%
Auto Theft34331%3%

Weather History for Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona Basic Temperatue and Weather (30 year averages)
MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year000000926963142
How many days and how much precipitation and snow for Tucson, Arizona?

Number of days of rain
(.1 inch or greater)
total rainfallNumber of days of snow
(.5 inch or greater)
Total snowfall
Average year271100
Realistic temperatures, taking into account precipitation, amount of sunlight during the day, winds during the day, and humidity during hot days.

MonthNumber of Days below zero (degrees)Number of Days 0-20's (degrees)Number of Days 20's (degrees)Number of Days 30's (degrees)Number of Days 40's (degrees)Number of Days 50's (degrees)Number of Days 60's (degrees)Number of Days 70's (degrees)Number of Days 80's (degrees)Number of Days 90's+ (degrees)
Average year0000002410565171

How many hot humid days a year does Tucson, Arizona have?
How many cloudy days a year does Tucson, Arizona have?
How many sunny days a year does Tucson, Arizona have? How sunny is it?
How many windy days a year does Tucson, Arizona have? How windy is it?
See below for the answers!
MonthNumber of hot, humid daysNumber of very windy daysNumber of windy daysNumber of somewhat windy daysNumber of calm daysNumber of clear daysNumber of moderately cloudly daysNumber of somewhat cloudy daysNumber of very cloudy days
Average year004928432252244539

(Note: Humidity, wind, and cloudcover information is based on (a) 30 year averages and in many cases (b) a large nearby weather station. If you're in an area with a lot of "micro climates" actual conditions may vary.)

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Sources of information: Census, FBI Crime Statistics, NOAA
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