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Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Blissfield, Michigan? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Blissfield?
In the summer, temperatures are usually between 75 and 85 degrees, but be prepared due to humidity you can see temps rise into the 90's on a few days. In the spring and fall, temperatures are usually between 50 and 70 degrees. However, in the winter it can get pretty cold here, sometimes temperatures dip below zero due to the wind chill factor. You can also expect to see a few rain and thunderstorms sweep over this are of Michigan during summer, spring and fall. In addition, you can expect to see snow on the ground during winter, on average Blissfield usually gets about 10 inches of snow over December, January and February.The crime rate in Blissfield is much lower than other towns in this region of Michigan, but like any place you can expect to see some major and minor crimes take place in this town. Thefts and burglaries are the two most common major crimes that happen in Blissfield, of course, a few times during any given year you will see or hear about an assault or auto theft, as well. I don't believe there has ever been a murder reported here and only one or two rapes were reported over the past five to ten years. Some minor crimes that you will see or hear about are traffic violations, domestic violence issues and/or a vandalism problem.There are some luxurious houses on East Blvd and North Street, many of these homes were built over ten years ago, but have been kept up very well. They look beautiful inside and out. These streets are just west of S. Blissfield Hwy. Many residents say this is one of the best areas in Blissfield. There are some houses on Cherry and White Street that are really old and could use some updating to be considered modern homes. This area of town is just South of U.S. 223. Many people living in Blissfield have been known to say this area of town could be considered one of the bad areas. Overall, I have never heard to many people complain about too many areas being super bad in Blissfield, crime is pretty low in this town.Everyone that my family has ever talked to here has been really nice and friendly. My husband asked one lady at an Antique store for some advice on where we should eat dinner and this lady took about fifteen to twenty minutes telling us about a few restaurants in town. She really was super nice. Most of the people living here are white, we only seen a few people from other races. I believe that a little over half of the residents here are married and on average residents range from 35 to 40 years old. If you are married with or without children and in your late thirties, then this town would be a really good fit for you.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
There are several cool shops in downtown Blissfield, It has some neat antiques and gifts.The Main Street Stable and Tavern offers some really tasty food, great place to eat.The school system seems to be very good.Some singles go to B Town Bar and Grill to mingle with other singles, although a lot of singles just travel to other neighboring singles to hang out with other single people.
NoiseCompared to other placesBest hospitalTourist attractions
There is a small airport in Blissfield it is the AirNav 44G, Betz Airport, but I don't think it really cause noise problems.Adrian is a neighboring town to Blissfield, these two towns are about 16 minutes from one another. Adrian is much larger than Blissfield and has a lot more to offer in the form of entertainment, restaurants and shopping. Temperance is another neighboring town to Blissfield, these two towns are about 25 minutes from one another, Temperance is also bigger than Blissfield, it also has more to offer in regard to entertainment and shopping. Overall, I would choose Blissfield because there are fewer people living here so I would say if you don't mind driving into the neighboring towns, which have more shopping and entertainment options than Blissfield would be a great place to live.Many residents travel to Adrian and go to Bixby Hospital when they need medical assistance.Ellis Park is a nice and relaxing place to go for a picnic, the grandkids like playing at this park.
General comments   
The town is really pretty, the scenery is very pretty and the residents seem to always keep the town looking fresh and clean. This town is in fairly close to Ann Arbor and Toledo so it is a great town to live in if you need to commute to either of these towns. Blissfield has a little over 3000 residents, which means it can be a little hectic, but whenever we have visited here it has been rather peaceful and we truly felt welcome. Plus, there are some really cool little shops in this town that my whole family loves visiting. Overall, I would certainly recommend this town to anyone who is considering moving to this area of Michigan.   
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