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Jessica's review of Chester Pennsylvania
Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Chester, Pennsylvania? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Chester?
The weather is typically moderate. Summers can get oppressively humid as water from both the Delaware and Potomac rivers heat the air. Winters tend to be snowy, humid, and wet. There's not much hail or freezing rain.Crime is frequently gang-related : shootings, robbery, and assault are common types on crime. Young people tenants to be targeted more than are older people. In general, crime in Chester tends to involve theft, physical violence, gang activity, or vindictive assault.The border between Chester, PA and Media, PA considered the good part of town. Older African-American families live here. The community is comprised of a mix of working class and middle class families. The southern districts tend to be poorer, younger, and more transient. There's a significant homeless population, high rates of crime, and structural issues with many housing projects and government buildings in the area. Most homes are row houses, duplexes, or town homes.Residents of Chester are majority African-American. Most residents are working class or poor. There are communities of families and communities of young singles. In general, conservative, evangelical Christian African-American families or young singles will fit well. Those of other ethnic or religious backgrounds may experience some cultural alienation or discomfort. The political atmosphere is quite conservative and pious. The community is ethically an politically homogenous, which can make it difficult for outsiders to find their way.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
Not very extensive, somewhat rundown, more a historical attraction than a site of active commerce.Moes; Crown ChickenPoor; teachers are overwhelmed and not well-supported. Students are packed in too tightly.
Yes; Chester has a large constituency of young singles.
NoiseCompared to other placesBest hospitalTourist attractions
The Philadelphia International Airport airplanes.Philadelphia, PA and Media, PA border the city of Chester. Philadelphia has the most economic opportunity in terms of jobs, finance, an access to corporate America. Media is a quieter town with a high quality of life and a slow pace. Chester is a working class outlet of Philadelphia, suffering from economic depression yet maintaining strong cultural and community resources. Philadelphia is probably where most would want to reside. Media ad Chester offer more less cosmopolitan experiences.Crozier-Chester Medical Center; fair, but overworked an understaffed ER.Harrah's Chester, a gambling resort and casino; and Hendrickson House, a historic colonial workhouse converted into an interactive museum.
General comments   
The city suffers from lots of structural damage, which makes it rather unsightly at first . However, there are many vibrant streets and communities. The people tend to be warm and hospitable. There's an edge that can be felt sometimes; people can appear suspicious or aloof. At the same time, there are wide open spaces of conversation and community (block parties, for example), in which residents drop their hardened personas. It's the mind of place that doesn't led itself to casual tourism; one has to work to become part of Chester.   
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