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Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Columbus, Ohio? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Columbus?
The weather here is the best in all of Ohio. If you live in Northeast Ohio, you are constantly getting lake effect snow. In the spring, Columbus is gorgeous. A 50 degree and rainy day in Cleveland is a 65 degree and sunny day in Columbus. There are flowers everywhere. All of Columbus is an extremely safe area with no natural disasters. The last one I remember is a tornado a decade ago. The winters are pretty bad, but the roads are always clear. The autumns are too pretty for words - the leaves are colorful and bright. The weather here always reminds you of what time of year it is - and I simply love that.I have never experienced crime here nor do I know anyone who has. The thing I like about Columbus is that it's not exactly a "city" nor is it a "suburb." It's a really safe, kid-friendly community. The cops here crack me always see them trying to pull someone over for "speeding" or "passing up a stop sign." They get bored because there's not much to do. The worst crime I've heard about here is a kid drinking underage. So, you'll be pretty safe here. However, if you plan on living in downtown Columbus, I wouldn't try to start anything. Yes, there are crimes everywhere in the world but I've never heard of too much going on here.The best part to live in Columbus is in near the Easton Town Center. It's beautiful there. There are so many places to dine and shop. The people who live in this area are predominately white and wealthy, but it's near the city so it's quite diverse. The homes in this area may be a bit overpriced. Jefferson Village is a development with really expensive homes but it's a 10 minute drive from all the hot-spots in Columbus. Downtown Columbus is gorgeous, and living here can be cheap but it's not always the safest which is why you need to do your research. University Heights is generally a safe area, but know where you are going or you might find danger. Generally speaking, Columbus is a safe, clean and polite place to live. The people here are nice and the houses look like they should be in LA.The people here tend to be family people, with good jobs. Columbus is part city part suburb, and even the capitol of Ohio, so you will find all sorts of people here. While it is a family-friendly place, there are plenty of opportunities for young and old single people. There are so many parts to Columbus truly anyone can fit in here. If you find a place you can afford, you will pretty much be set. The people here may not have southern hospitality, but they aren't cynical city people. They are great people to be around.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
Easton Mall is the best mall in all of Ohio. It makes me feel like I'm in New York City, it has the best shops.Brio is my favorite restaurant for italian food and Pistacia Vera is my favorite place to go for sweets.Advocates for the arts and sports. You will get a great education here and they have connections with many universities.Plenty! There are many clubs, bars and activities in the city.
NoiseCompared to other placesBest hospitalTourist attractions
There are no noise sources night I can hear the crickets through my window! It's so peaceful here.Columbus is way safer than places like Cleveland or Akron. Cleveland is also a tourist hot spot for people, but there isn't much to do in terms of activities, shopping and dining. In Cleveland and Akron, the things that you can do aren't of that much quality and get old fast. In Columbus, I am always discovering new things. It's clean and safe. When I walk around in Akron or Cleveland, I feel dirty and like something's going to happen to me.The Columbus Community hospital is amazing. My best friend had ACL surgery here and recovered fast with great service.Easton Town Center has great shops and restaurants and it's a can't miss if you are in Columbus.
General comments   
I love going to Columbus because there is a lot to do. Columbus Zoo is truly one of the best zoos I have ever been to. There are the cutest and most unique shops - there is even a place called Pistacia Vera that specializes in macaroons! (located in German village) Columbus makes me feel optimistic about things, I always know I will have a great day here.   
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