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Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Hudson, Michigan? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Hudson?
The temperatures in Hudson, Michigan are usually between 70 and 85 degrees, sometimes temps soar into the 90's due to humidity. In spring and fall, the temperatures here are usually between 50 and 70. However, you can expect temperatures to get very cold in the wintertime, sometimes they can fall way below zero due to the wind chill. It does rain in summer, spring and fall and at times a thunderstorm sweeps over the town during these months, as well. You can expect to see snow on the ground during winter months, there is usually at least 10 inches of snow on the ground throughout wintertime.The crime rate here is a slightly lower than it is in other cities that are located in this area of Michigan. There are more Thefts reported than any other major crime. However, you can expect to see or hear about some burglaries, auto thefts and arsons taking place here, as well. As far as I know, there as never been a murder in this town, although a did hear about a few rapes being reported over the last five years. Some of the minor crimes that you will hear or see in Hudson are traffic violations, vandalism and an occasional domestic violence issue.There are some luxurious houses on Hickory Trail and Willow Trace Drive, many of these homes are over five years old, but have been kept up well. In addition, almost all of them have been updated thus making them modern styled houses. These roads are located just east of U.S. 127. Many residents say this is one of the best areas in Hudson. There are some older houses on Church and Saunders Road, many of these homes need some updating, some of them look pretty rugged and not very stylish. This area of town is north east of Horseshoe Lake. Many residents would say this is one of the bad areas of Hudson.The people seem to be very nice, we have always been treated very well whenever you have visited here. My cousin lives in Hudson and he has never complained about anyone treating me badly. There are more white people living here than any other race, but you can expect to see other races, too. It seems like about half of the residents here are married and are about 30-35 years old. Overall, I think if you are in your late twenties or early thirties, married with or without children and don't mind snow and cold during wintertime, then you would fit perfectly in this town.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
There are several cool stores in downtown, my favorite one is called All God's Gifts, they offer some very nice unique items.I love eating at Karen's Uptown Kafe, there have some really tasty food.The public school system is really good, teachers and students seem to work well together here.Some singles go to Skip's to mingle with other singles, Skip's is a bar on Main Street.
NoiseCompared to other placesBest hospitalTourist attractions
There are a couple of highways running through Hudson so at times traffic from these highways can cause some loud noises thus at times this can be a little distracting.Morenci is a neighboring town of Hudson, these two towns are about 20 minutes from one another. As far as residents, both of these town have about the same number of people living in them. Hillsdale is another neighboring town to Hudson, these two towns are about 20 minutes from one another. However, Hillsdale has a lot more residents compared to both Hudson and Morenci. In addition, Hillsdale has more to offer in regard to entertainment, shopping and restaurants than the other two towns, as well. I, personally, don't like really big towns so I would recommend Hudson because it is so pretty with nice residents and has fewer residents.Hillsdale Community Medical Center is one place that people go to get medical care, my cousin said this is a good medical center.Webster Park is a relaxing and clean spot, the grandkids always have fun when we picnic here.
General comments   
The scenery is really pretty, plus, the environment seems to always be clean and relaxing. The residents are really nice and always make us feel welcome. The downtown area has older styled buildings, but I like the look of old buildings and these old buildings are kept up well thus making them look really nice inside and out. Plus, the downtown ares is always growing with new stores and shops opening all the time.Overall, this is one of my favorite towns in this part of Michigan. It is a pretty town that offers a lovely environment, nice people and I always feel welcome here.   
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