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Latia Black's review of Salisbury North Carolina
Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Salisbury, North Carolina? Would you like to know what the quality of life is like living in Salisbury?
The summers here are hot and humid. During the day the temp rises to 90'to 95'. There are thunderstorms that produce strong lightning and they occur in the evening, most of the time. The Winters are cold with the daytime temp of about 30' to 40'. There are some winters here that are heavy with precipitation in the form of snow and/or sleet. Occassionally there are winters that are mild with temp of about 50' to 55' during the day. Spring and Falls are very nice and comfortable. The changing of the trees are beautiful during the Spring and Fall in Salisbury.The crime in Salisbury is pretty moderate and consistent at times. It is a small city but it is growing and with the growth comes more crime. The town sees its share of car thefts, assaults, illegal drug arrest, and burglaries. There are a few individuals that get caught running scams on the locals but the town has increased its law enforcement and it is making a difference. The residents of Salisbury feel safe and secure for the most part.The best side of town is in the northern part of Salisbury near Old Mocksville Rd and Canteberry Dr. In this area you will find a blend of larger modern style homes and large historical homes. This are is mostly Caucasian. There are also very nice homes in the neighborhood near Livingstone College. This are is a mix of Caucasian, African American, and a few Hispanic. Salisbury is a nice town and its up keep is noticeable but the not so nice side of town is near the southern side of town near low income housing. This area is mostly African American, Hispanic, and some Caucasian.The people in this town are nice and cordial. You are sure to meet a Veteran in this town ready to share their war stories. The locals in this town love to share its historical beauty with all of the passer by individuals it sees from the interstate. The town has more blue collar workers than white collar workers. It is a town of mostly Caucasian and African American with a few Hispanics. If you are retired, a student, or married with children, you will all fit in here.
Downtown AreaRestaurantsSchoolsSingle life
The downtown area is lovely in Salisbury. It has a this looks of a small town mixed with a growing city. It has a few tall buildings with at least 8 to 10 floors and smaller single level buildings. It a nice historical look to it.The best restaurants here are K&W Cafeteria, Christo's Family Restaurant, and Mambo Grill and Tapas.The public schools here are really good and the have high test scores. The high school has a high graduation rate,This is a college town with several choices for further ones education and as a result there are a lot of singles in Salisbury. If you would like to meet someone, it is possible in Salisbury.
NoiseCompared to other placesBest hospitalTourist attractions
The main source of noise for Salisbury is the interstate (85) which runs through it.Salisbury is larger than China Groove, NC and it has more shopping centers and commercial restaurants. Salisbury also has more opportunities for education and career growth than China Groove. China Groove, NC is smaller than Salisbury and not as busy as Salisbury.
Salisbury is larger than Lexington, NC and it has more shopping centers and commercial restaurants. Salisbury is now for its huge flea market off Webb Rd. Lexington, NC also has a flea market but it is not a big as Salisbury's.
The hospitals are really good for this area. There Hefner VA Medical Hospital and Rowan Medical Center.The nicest place to visit in this town is The Webb Rd Flea Market and Downtown Salisbury.
General comments   
The town is mixed with families, retirees, and college students. It is a town with a lot to offer from an higher education to wellness care for the Veterans from the VA hospital. The people are warm and friendly. There is a strong religious character that also strives in Salisbury, NC. It has a lot of nice places to eat, shop, and relax. It is busy at times with all of the visitors from the highway and it is quiet just at the right time.   
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